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Aryanshi Sharma is an Indian, (Himachal Pradesh) model, famous actor, social media influencer, and Youtuber from Maharashtra. She is famous on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. She is most famous for her Instagram trending reel videos. Each of her reel videos has millions of views and is also treading. Today we are going to get information about famous star Aryanshi Sharma’s Age, Height, Photos, Boyfriend, Net worth & Biography.

Aryanhi Sharma Bio

Aryanshi Sharma’s full name is Aryanshi Ramesh Sharma. She belongs to Mandi, Himachal Pradesh,( India ). She was born in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh,( India ) on 9 October 1999. She is 26 years old as of 2024. Her also family belongs to Himachal Pradesh. Aryanshi Sharma is Indian by nationality and Hindu by region. Her dad is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. Aryanshi Sharma is a famous actor, fashion model, content creator, and social media influencer. Aryanshi adores and respects traditional Indian culture and in most of her social media posts, she is a talented girl. She has the most popular and large fan base among Himachal Pradesh teenage boys and girls.

 Full Name   Aryanshi Ramesh Sharma
 Nick Name   Aryanshi
 Date Of Birth  9 October 1999
 Age   26 years old as of 2023
 Nationality   Indian
 City  Mandi, Himachal Pradesh,( India ).
 Birthyear  1999
 Profession Name  Aryanshi Sharma
 Cast  Hindu
 Religion  Hindu
 Occupation  Actor, Model, Youtuber
 Profession  Social Media Influencer


Aryanshi Sharma’s Physical Appearance

Aryanshi Sharma has had a very smart mind since childhood and she has more interest in acting and modeling. She is from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh,( India ). She completed her schooling at the Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Karsog, Mandi. She is a college student. She completed her graduation from Himachal Pradesh University Shimla. She is very beautiful from childhood. She has a young personality, who is also a fitness lover. She is very cute and always stays happy. She maintains her figure and exercises regularly. She has an average height of around 5 ft 5 in and a weight of around 56kg which makes her look beautiful and healthy. Hindavi Patil’s hair color and eye color are brown which makes to look very attractive. She has a body figure is slim and maintains the figure and diet. Hindavi Patil does have beautiful tattoos on her body. She likes tattoos.


 Height  5 ft 5 in
 Figure  Slim
 Hair coloring  Black
 Eyes-color  Black
 Skin-color  Fair
 Weight  62 kg
 Tattoos  Yes



Aryanshi Sharma Career

Aryanshi Sharma started her career on Tik tok social media platform. She made a short video and uploaded it on TikTok, Starting time she made videos as time passed but after a few months, she got more views and likes on uploaded videos on TikTok. This time she was happy because the starting time did not get views and suddenly got a lot of views and likes on his videos. After she made videos as serious and uplod videos for a few months completed 100k followers. Lockdown period tik tok was trading, this time Aryanshi did not stop uplod videos on Instagram, She uplod regular videos on tik tok and she got millions of videos, likes, and comments. This time, Aryanshi Sharma completed 5 million followers on TikTok tok and she earned a lot of money through sponsorship videos and events but unfortunately within months, TikTok was banned. Aryanshi Sharma does not demotivate and she creates an account on Instagram. starting time she uplod posts on Instagram and got more likes and increased followers because Aryanshi was already famous on Tik tok and fanbase. His Instagram account got 100k followers within days. After TikTok was banned Instagram got a reel option, this option like TikTok, and all TikTok users and models shifted on Instagram. Aryanshi Sharma’s daily uplod reels and posts on Instagram got more likes and followers. Aryanshi Sharma completed 1 million followers within months and she created a YouTube channel on 26 Aug 2021 named Aryanshi Sharma. This channel Aryanshi Uplod lifestyle videos and QnA videos. Currently, his channel has 262k subscribers on YouTube and each video has 100k+ views. His Instagram account is currently 4.9 m followers and each post and reel get 1m+ views and likes. Aryanshi Sharma and his boyfriend Tushar Silawat, both create reels for Instagram and blogs for his YouTube channel. Aryanshi Sharma is most popular on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and social media platforms

Aryanshi Sharma & Tushar Silawat Relationship

Aryanshi Sharma And Tushar Silawat are best friends and a cute couple is revealed on Tushar Silawat’s YouTube channel. They are dating each other. Both are famous on Instagram and social media platforms and they create reels on Instagram and vlog on YouTube. both are most famous for their reel videos. Tushar and Aryanshi make different challenging videos and uplod his both YouTube channel and these videos are viral because their audience like both is in one frame. Aryanshi and Tushar are song titled Tere Saath – Riba available on Play DMF Youtube channel and this song got 2.5 million views within 6 months.

Aryanshi Sharam Photos And Social Media

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Aryanshi Sharma  Engagements And Photos

Aryanshi is a very hardworking person who distributes her time to her career and study. Mostly focuses on her career. She daily activates on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. She studies modeling and when she is free, Aryanshi Sharma likes to make the same videos for YouTube, and Instagram reels and posts to upload on her social media platform. Moving to love life, Aryanshi Sharma is currently in a relationship with Tushar Silawat. Aryanshi Sharma has a boyfriend named Tushar Silawat and they have been in a relationship for a few months. Tushar is committed on her social media account that he is in love with Aryanshi Sharma. She is not engaged with anyone and in the post.  She is unmarred and features planning for her marriage. Any other information about her marriage will be updated soon.

 Boyfriend  Tushar Silawat 
 Ex- Boyfriend  None
 Marital Status  Unmarried


Aryanshi Sharma Family 

Aryanshi Sharma belongs to Mandi, Himachal Pradesh,( India ). His family also belongs to Mandi, Himachal Pradesh,( India ). Aryanshi Sharma’s father Ramesh Sharma and mother Kanika Sharma and his little brother Raju Sharma. Aryanshi Sharma loves his family 

 Mother Name   Kanika Sharma
 Father Name    Ramesh Sharma
 Brother Name   Raju Sharma
 Sister name   No


Aryanshi Sharma Social Media Link

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Aryanshi Sharma’s Net Worth, Monthly Income

Aryanshi Sharma achieved remarkable success at the age of 26, with an. Anushka’s monthly income is estimated to be around 50 lakh rupees. She is counted as one of the popular social media influencers in India. Anushka has around 5 million followers on Instagram as of 2024.

 Monthly Income  50 Lakhs
 Net Worth  6 Core

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