Crazy xyz (Amit Sharma) Net Worth, Monthly Income, Age & Biography

Crazy xyz ( Amit Sharma ) is a famous YouTuber and social media influencer from Bansure, Rajasthan, India. Amit Sharma was born on 11 September 2000 in Bansure, Rajasthan, India. His have a YouTube channel named Crazy XYZ which is the most popular YouTube channel in the Experiment category. His YouTube channel Crazy XYZ  has 29 million subscribers and this channel uploads a video related to new experiments, challenging videos, and different types of informative videos. He is also famous on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Crazy XYZ ( Amit Shram ) is most famous for his experiment videos.

About Amit Sharma 

Amit Sharam belongs to Bansure, Rajasthan,( India ). He was born in  Bansure Rajasthan ( India ) on 11 September 2000 and his family also belongs to Bansure, Rajasthan, ( India )  He is 24 years old in 2024. Amit Sharma is Indian by nationality and Hindu by religion. His dad is a teacher and his mother is also a teacher. His parents are supportive of his career in the experiment industry because of his interest from childhood. Amit Sharma has had a very smart mind since childhood and he has more interest in trying different experiments at School time.

Amit Sharma Wiki/Biography

 Name   Amit Sharma
 Nickname  Amit
 Date of birth  11 September 2000
 Age   24 years in 2024
 Hometown   Bansure, Rajasthan ( India )
 nationality   India
 Birth year  2000
 Profession name   Amit Sharma
 Religion   Hindu
 Occupation  Youtuber, Social media influences
 Profession  Youtuber, Social media influences



Crazy XYZ ( Amit Sharma ) has a young personality and is also a fitness lover. He maintains the body and exercises regularly. He has an average height of around 5.10 feet and inches and a weight of around 70kg, which makes him healthy and fit. Amit Sharma’s hair color and eye color are black which makes them attractive. he does not have any tattoos on his body. He doesn’t like tattoos.

Amit Sharma Physical Measurement and More

 Wight    70 kg
 height    5.10 fit
 hair color   Black
 Eye color  Black
 Skin color  Indian white
 tattoos   no
 Body   Fit and fine


Crazy XYZ ( Amit Sharam ) Career

Amit Sharma’s jury started from Bansure, Rajasthan ( India ) in a small village. His Schooling is completed in an English medium school in a small village. This time School life is normal, with no professional-level teaching and no specialties and all students say topper to Amit Sharma in Hindi medium school.  After taken admission to the 9th class in an English medium school, this time Amit was not a topper because his already school completed in Hindi medium school. After struggling he got good marks in 10th class. After the 10th class, Amit was confused because his not understand the 10th class. His parents are teachers, and his guide to Amit after what education? Amit Sharm’s interest in science since childhood and he decided that engineering field IIT is the best option in engineering. After all, Amit has taken admission in Cota Big IIT University. this time he selected material engineering for betech and this is the best achievement for him. This time Amit understood that his studies were good but more free time was available, he did not understand how to use this time. Amit stayed in the hostel room and the hostel was available for free network connection, Students used this to watch movies, web series, games, YouTube videos, etc. Amit decided to use this network connection for useful work and he already knew about the social media platform. he decided YouTube was the best option because it needed a mic and camera. after, Amit requested his parents to the camera to make videos for YouTube but it was not possible because the camera was expensive. He had already decided to earn some money under 18 years old and he started a YouTube channel Top And Most. This channel uploads without face video to use a headphone mic and make a video top 5 related but not get more views. after all, Amit was not demotivated and made continuous videos.

Amit Sharma Sucess 

Amit Sharma’s first payment was 120000 rupees earned from YouTube and this was the most money he received in his bank account. this time made 80 channels on YouTube in different categories before a Crazy XYZ channel and all channels ran well, earn some money on this channel around 4 to 5 lakhs rupees earn money on YouTube but Adsense his account did not receive the money because his absence was suspend. This time Amit was demotivated and he decided to not upload a video on YouTube. After two months, he understood YouTube, editing, and AdSense, He already had some money from YouTube. Bought a camera from YouTube money and again made the video for YouTube and he decided not to apply a shortcut and make his own first 100 videos. He made the first video with a face and uploaded it You tube which got 25-30 views. Up to six months do not get more video and this time not get money. After 6 months, of struggling to get more videos Crazy Xyz channel completed 100000 subscribers in 40 days and today is the number one YouTube channel in experiment categories with 29.1 million subscribers.

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Crazy XYZ Videos 

Amit Sharma and his team made an experiment video and uploaded Crazy XYZ YouTube channel. they made a video different experiment video, a Challenging video, and a Try to Found Unique content. his videos are expansive All videos get more than 4 million views and the most popular video gets 69 million views. A total of 1300+ videos were uploaded on the channel Craxy XYZ and a recently uploaded video titled ‘New 2024 Kite Stash Worth 100000 Ruppes’. this video got four million views within three days.

Crazy XYZ Team

A total of 12 members are in the Crazy XYZ team.

Amit Sharma Relationship

Crazy XYZ ( Amit Sharma ) is currently single. He has not dated anyone and does not have a girlfriend.

Crazy XYZ & MR Indian Hacker


Crazy xyz ( Amit Sharma ) and Mr. Indian Hacker ( Dilraj Singh ) are best friends. Both are experiment-related videos and sometimes make combined videos.

Amit Sharma Car Collection 

Amit Sharma is the most famous YouTuber in India with over 29.1million subscribers and he owns more than 10 cars & bikes in his car collection. He has recently purchased a Boxster Porsche red color, price is around 1cr to 1.5 cr rupees in India and it is the most expensive car in his car collection.

Amit Sharma Family

Amit Sharma always keeps his personal life private like every popular celebrity and his family information not to mention anyone’s social media platforms but we will try to get his information and will update here soon.

 Mother Name   Update Soon
 Father Name   Update Soon
 Brother Name   Update Soon
 Sister Name   Update Soon


Crazy XYZ ( Amit Sharm ) Net Worth

Crazy XYZ’s ( Amit Sharma)  estimated net worth in 2023 stands at approximately 5 crore. Amit Sharma earns from YouTube absence and paid collaboration.

 Monthly Income    41 Lakh
 Yearly Income  5 Crore


same Lesser Known Facts About Amit Sharma 

  • Crazy XYZ ( Amit Sharma ) is the number two YouTuber in the experiment categories with 29.1 million Subscribers.
  • Amit Sharma recently purchased a Boxster Porsche red color, price is around 1cr to 1.5 cr rupees in India and it is the most expensive car in his car collection.
  • Currently, Amit Sharma has three Channels on YouTube Crazy XYZ, Crazy XYZ Shorts, Amit XYZ, and The Indian Unboxer, and millions of subscribers.
  • Amit Sharma owns more than 10 cars & bikes in his car collection.

Commonly Asked Questions about Amit Sharma

  • What is the net worth of Amit Bhai?
  • The net worth of Amit Bhai is around 5 cr.
  • What is the age of Amit Bhai?
  • Amit Sharma age 24 years old in 2024.
  • What is the monthly income of Amit Sharma?
  • Crazy XYZ’s ( Amit Sharma)  estimated net worth in 2023 stands at approximately 5 crore

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